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Freedom from the Fear factor

In life, I have witnessed the immobility and bad decision making that comes from a place of fear. Executives and business owners lose their edge if they remain in this place. Recognize the signs and walk away with 7 tips to help you find Freedom From the Fear Factor.

May dates for this seminar will be posted soon! 

The corn maze effect

At this complex time in history, forces are aligning to create multiple problems. Because of this, our out-of-the-box thinking is needed in order to develop new solutions. Most consumers don't know this because of lacking news time, but we are facing a significant labor shortage in our

country. This labor shortage is being intensified by changes in law and new focuses on enforcement. This labor shortage will result in an increase cost of labor in construction, farming, hospitality, and manufacturing, which will be passed along to consumers in higher prices of all products.
Simultaneously, we have labor pools willing and capable of working but they need different management, different leadership, and consideration to their unique life challenges. There are services available to support these people, but a unified effort is necessary in order to connect this workforce to the industries they can serve.
The Corn Maze Effect explores where these 2 worlds intersect, and provides an interactive forum to develop ideas and action steps to solve both major issues one project at a time.


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