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Raw Diamond

Think Bigger

Our Facets 


Like a Diamond, people and the organizations they work with have many facets.  Without recognizing the various facets within us, we cannot make strong decisions and we cannot achieve our fullest potential. 


The team at Our Facets is dedicated to improving the workforce ecosystem by strengthening the employer environment and contributing to the elimination of employee barriers by working with leaders and organizations who share the same mission. 

Working Together

Strengthening the employer environment with insights and awareness that recognize the ideal but work within the realities of business, community and people.

As an Executive, Entrepreneur, and Consultant, I have worked with many advisors and consultants who focus on high level theories and business best practices but never dig into the many facets of an organization or its team members. 

Business, management and leadership is complicated. In order to make smart decisions, leaders need support sifting through the chaos, the details, the personalities, and the agendas to determine the options. 

We help you to make better decisions, plans, and strategies so that your success is not only within reach but is mapped out and guided. 

Call us today to get started on your better tomorrow. 

Our Specialty: Workforce Development Strategy
  • Career Pathing Design

  • Talent Pipeline Management

  • Apprenticeships in MD

  • Overlooked Potential Talent Pools

Industries Served:
Best Business practices applied well work in all businesses but these are ones we have proven results.
  • Non-Profits

  • Manufacturing

  • Building & Construction

  • Marketing

  • Logistics

  • Retail

  • Personal Services

Our Facets include:
  • Program Facilitation & Leadership

  • Legacy Planning

  • Disaster Planning

  • C Level Advisor

  • Team Development

  • Coaching & Mentoring

  • Policy review

  • System design

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